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The Naked Truth

In recent days we have had a lot of questions and comments regarding both naked shorts and synthetic activity surrounding a stock, in particular AMC.…

Blink and you’ll miss it!

It’s a staring contest of epic proportions. As retail investors continue to unite and drive the price of AMC to record highs, short sellers have maintained…

AMC brings new drama to the stock market 

18th of May 2021 It’s a script worthy of any blockbuster sequel. Following the David versus Goliath story of GameStop from earlier this year, retail…

Live Short Interest

18th of May 2021 Since the Short Squeeze events in GameStop, NYSE:GME and many other stocks at the beginning of the year there has been…

ORTEX Trading Signal Performance

Regular users of ORTEX will be familiar with our Alpha Trading Signals; they have highlighted valuable opportunities for a few years now. 2020 was a…

Normal Returns

Last week I wrote about the changing seasons across global markets as investor optimism soared in response to the Biden victory and the positive results…

Index Rebalance in FTSE

Every now and then, stock indexes have to change what stocks they consist of, to ensure they represent the market, this is known as an…

Short Interest and what it tells you

Short statistics and trends are a crucial element in understanding how a stock behaves and how sentiment surrounding a stock is developing. ORTEX Short interest…

Alpha Signals

ORTEX trading signals: What they are and how you can use them to make an average of 18% per trade Users of ORTEX will be…

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