Big Tech Shorts Gained Over $1.6 Billion in Profits Last Week


Last week’s big meltdown in tech resulted in massive gains for short sellers. ORTEX data shows that bears pocketed $1.63 billion in profits across Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN), Alphabet (Nasdaq: GOOGL), Meta (Nasdaq: META), and Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) combined. Of these names, Apple was the only stock that did not decline for the week. Excluding Apple, which led to short losses for the week, bears among the remaining 4 stocks enjoyed $2.55 billion in profits.

Here’s a quick summary of how short sellers in the 5 Big Tech companies that reported last week fared, according to ORTEX Short Interest Data.

Stock Last Week’s Gain/(Loss) YTD
AAPL ($914,873,765) $2,361,801,545
AMZN $1,226,388,789 $4,116,091,221
GOOGL $256,448,611 $2,664,970,961
META $795,085,616 $6,157,808,318
MSFT $268,388,177 $4,025,092,575
Total $1,631,437,428 $19,325,764,622


Year-to-date, the bears among these names are up $19.33 billion thanks to the historical sell-off so far in 2022, with rising interest rates pressuring tech stock valuations more than other sectors. As a leading short interest data provider for retail investors, ORTEX lets you keep an eye on important trends among the bears.


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