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“Our 5 star EPS trading signals returned 2230% over 4 years”

Trading Signals

For each signal we tell you how many times the signal has triggered in the past, the success rate and the average return, as well as what holding period has previously given the best return. We also help you visualize this with star ratings, success bars and charts.

Every day ORTEX identifies alpha-generating opportunities. The alpha trading signal will tell you how much return has historically been made as well as the optimal holding period and relative success of this signal in the past.

ORTEX has five families of trading signals: Short Squeeze, EPS, RSI, MACD and Company Events. The different types of signal look at different aspects of the metric that is the main base for that signal. ORTEX intuitively displays the historical relationships (over 10 years) between stock returns and several of the major technical indicators for a stock; RSI levels, Stochastic, Bollinger band, and MACD. You can evaluate current levels on the chart and see where previous triggers have fired our ALPHA signals. ORTEX’ approach to trading signals is rather cautious, markets can be volatile, and history doesn’t always repeat itself. Hence, we have a two-pronged approach to our signals. We start by statistically determining rare events, and on top of this we use a machine learning algorithm to determine the likelihood of success. This can all be seen from the data we display on our Alpha Trading Signals.

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Risk and Uncertainty: Both the stock market and online gambling involve an element of risk and uncertainty. In both cases, there’s a chance of gaining or losing money based on various factors, whether it’s market conditions or the outcome of a game or bet at

Financial Transactions: Both activities involve financial transactions. In the stock market, investors buy and sell financial instruments like stocks and bonds, while in online gambling, players make bets or wagers with the potential for financial gain or loss.

Speculation: Speculation is a common element in both the stock market and online gambling. Investors in the stock market may speculate on the future performance of a company’s stock, while gamblers may speculate on the outcome of a game or event.

Research and Analysis: Successful participation in both the stock market and online gambling often requires some level of research and analysis. Stock market investors analyze company financials, market trends, and economic indicators. Gamblers may analyze odds, player/team statistics, and other relevant information at

Emotional Factors: Emotions play a role in both activities. In the stock market, investors may experience emotions such as fear, greed, and excitement. Similarly, gamblers may feel the thrill of anticipation, disappointment in losses, or excitement in winning.

Volatility: Both the stock market and certain forms of online gambling can experience periods of volatility. Prices of stocks can fluctuate, and the outcomes of events in gambling can be unpredictable.

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It’s important to note that despite these similarities, there are significant differences between the two activities. The stock market is generally considered a legitimate means of investing and wealth creation, subject to strict regulatory oversight. Online gambling, on the other hand, is often associated with entertainment and leisure but can carry a higher risk of addiction and is subject to varying degrees of regulation depending on the jurisdiction.

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An important metric for market sentiment

Short Interest

Short Interest data is vital information to have access to – it’s a strong indicator of market sentiment, as it’s an indicator of hedge funds positions, but it can also enable you to understand why there may be sudden and strong buy pressure.

ORTEX securities lending and short interest data provide you with many metrics, such as cost to borrow, utilization, shares sold short, and percentage of shares sold short, all this in real-time.

You can read more about ORTEX Short Interest here

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Know what's going to happen before it has happened

Index Rebalance Predictions

Significant index additions and deletions have important implications for trading dynamics, as index funds are obligated to track the changes. Additions lead to significant buying activity for a stock getting included in an index, while deletions will result in selling pressure. Being able to accurately predict these changes can yield profitable short-term returns for investors and traders. We have developed a model that attempts to predict index changes in advance, based on public information about an index’s methodology and other factors. The dataset will also include an estimate for the total traded value potential, which represents the dollar value of stock that may need to be bought or sold. Predictions can be ranked based on Conviction levels, among other variables.

You can read more about ORTEX Index Rebalance Predictions here

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Stock Scores

Factor Stock scores

ORTEX Factor scores are designed to help investors capture the return of factors which have historically shown excess market returns. These attributes which are associated with higher returns are; Quality, Momentum and Value. ORTEX Factor scores can be further filtered to suit Geography, Sector, Size, Liquidity and Yield. In addition to these more traditional baskets, ORTEX also have a score for Insider activity, Short analysis score and Relative correlation diversion. These scores can be viewed separately as can all individual components of each factor but form part of the relevant Quality, Momentum or Value Factors. All the above combine to give an overall ORTEX Stock Score. Each stock is ranked as a percentile against their market peers from zero (worst) to 100 (best) for each factor before being brought into the equal weighted Stock Score.

Machine learning scores

ORTEX use cutting edge AI algorithms to identify relevant patterns in stocks using infinite combinations of our vast data library. The ORTEX AI Score is a data driven predictive score where we think the highest ranked (up to 100) is most likely to outperform over the next quarter (90 days). The daily scores are calculated using thousands of fundamental and technical data sets that seek to consider as many moving parts of a stock as possible.



ORTEX portfolio tracks and evaluates your portfolio and can sync to your brokerage account.

Live pricing and charts

ORTEX brings you live global equity prices, global index prices, live ETF, currency and commodity prices. We also now provide global order book data and live US pre-market pricing. Our flexible charting allows you to access our vast data library.


Our vast data library is available to download.

Stock stamps

Intuitive boxes that summarise each data set at a glance for your stocks and highlight interesting developments and changes. Saves you hours of searching. ORTEX Stock Stamps are an intuitive overview of many different data sets so users can easily scan and identify anything interesting happening in their stocks. ORTEX Stock Stamps highlight a data box with significant events or changes worth exploring. The stocks with the most highlighted boxes default to the top. This allows you to glance across many data sets such as price, volume, EPS divergence, events, news, shorts, valuation, insiders, analyst changes and more effortlessly without missing anything.

Unique Analysis

Gain competitive advantage:

  • How do my stocks typically trade over specific corporate events?
  • Who are the most accurate and influential company insiders?
  • What commodities, currencies and peers are most correlated to my stocks?
  • Who are the best institutional analysts?
  • What is current sentiment of Stock options in my stocks?
  • How is the short interest in my stocks developing?
  • What are the institutional holdings changes in my stocks?
  • Are my stocks entering or exiting an index and what could this mean?


ORTEX offers you flexible screening on vast unique data sets to help you find opportunities. Data is now also all downloadable.


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  • Live short-interest and securities-lending data
  • Global equity analyst estimates and unique rankings
  • NYSE and NASDAQ short interest
  • Alpha trading signals
  • Real-time global stock and ETF prices, market depth & volume
  • Screening on vast unique data sets - all downloadable
  • Real-time global indexes, currencies & commodities
  • Correlation on commodities, currencies and peers
  • Valuation, technical, yield analysis
  • Real-time news
  • Insider transactions data and analysis
  • Detailed analysis of corporate and macro events
  • Comprehensive fundamental data
  • Flexible charting on vast data sets
  • EPS momentum and divergence
  • Stock stamps highlight interesting changes
  • Index rebalance data
  • Live Options data and analysis
  • Stock Factor scores
  • Stock Machine Learning scores
  • Credit Default Swap data
  • Dividend forecasting
  • IPO and deal data
  • Holdings data
  • Corporate action data
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