Data Engineer

ORTEX is a start-up that provides provide financial information and insights to institutions and private investors. We are now looking to expand our development team with a Data Engineer. We are looking for someone who likes to work in an fast-paced environment and has experience with PostgreSQL and Python.

The Role

ORTEX has many, vast (multi-billion-row) tables, multiple third-party data feeds, and significant internal data generation through machine learning and algorithmic analysis. You will be expected to build systems and processes to import, clean, store, back up, audit, reconcile and archive data whilst managing security, integrity and costs.

Personal attributes

  • Analytically minded, can understand a problem and find a solution that considers not only the design brief, but also the existing situation and propose additional ways to make the overall system better
  • Passionate about data accuracy, reliability and database management
  • Strong sense of personal accountability and self-motivation, whilst also helping the team with overall goals
  • Keen to learn new technologies to find the best solution

Key Challenges

  • Understanding the current data structures, their issues, and planning and executing improvements
  • Working with very large tables and datasets and understanding efficiency issues, maintenance and integrity
  • Reviewing data access from all sources with a view to improving performance whilst managing AWS costs
  • Being happy to get stuck in and manually manage the data, whilst helping create processes to automate management


  • Experience of large-scale data and database management work, preferably in the FinTech industry
  • Worked in complex, dynamic environment
  • Performed database design, optimization and cost reduction efforts
  • Troubleshooting, capacity planning and proactive problem prevention
  • Dealing with third party data suppliers


In descending order

  1. PostgreSQL
  2. AWS (especially RDS and S3)
  3. Linux
  4. Python
  5. REST
  6. Django
  7. Familiarity with Standard and Poors/CapitalIQ data structures would be a bonus

A successful applicant should be analytically minded, a problem solver; someone that can’t rest before they’ve figured out what needs to be done. The applicant should be passionate about the provision and maintenance of high-quality data, but not afraid to spend time manually resolving data issues whilst simultaneously engineering solutions to prevent a recurrence of those issues.

After 6 months, we expect a successful hire to have a deep understanding of the data and the relevant parts of the code base and be able to solve most issues without assistance. To be able to identify areas for improvement and suggest ways to do so. With assistance from a senior developer, the applicant should be able to put a solution in place and test it.

Ultimately, we want the engineer to be able to take ownership of parts of the data structures and relevant third-party relationships, make decisions and implement them safely and independently.

To apply

To apply, please send the completed coding exercises as well as your CV to