Short Interest and what it tells you

Short statistics and trends are a crucial element in understanding how a stock behaves and how sentiment surrounding a stock is developing. ORTEX Short interest data is sourced from the world’s largest combined pool of Agent lenders, Prime Brokers, and Broker-Dealers who submit their inventory.

The Short statistic data set contains DTC or Short Ratio, Shares on Loan, Utilization and Cost to borrow. All these data sets can be charted and compared. Below is an example of the short interest screen for Cineworld, CINE. Where you can see the shares on loan, or shorted shares, going up before the share price went down with over 50% in the beginning of October.

Short Interest in Cineworld, CINE

In the US, Often, stock exchanges only offer short interest data twice a month and with several days lag, if any at all, leaving investors in the dark regarding daily short selling activity. ORTEX fills this void with daily up‑to‑date information from the global securities finance market and enables users to gauge changes in investor sentiment. Updated by 7.30am EST each day with current stock borrows as of yesterday’s close and intra-day with real-time securities lending information 24 hours a day you won’t find more timely or accurate data. This is what institutional investors are using to see the movement in short interest in between exchange reported numbers. ORTEX is the only provider of this data to private investors.  

We also provide estimated exchange short interest numbers on a daily basis, which is a combination of the moves in shares on loan, and the last reported official short interest. 

In addition, In Europe, financial institutions are required to flag to the local regulator whenever they go over or back under certain thresholds. This provides valuable and timely additional data. ORTEX add these flags intra-day as soon as the regulator publishes them. ORTEX aggregate an institution’s overall current short position and lists all the latest flags so you users get an accurate idea of the very latest sentiment.

All data sets are explained as you go along by clicking on the question mark icon on the ORTEX platform.



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