Live Short Interest

18th of May 2021

Since the Short Squeeze events in GameStop, NYSE:GME and many other stocks at the beginning of the year there has been an increasing interest in up to date Short Interest. ORTEX already had the most up to date data there was, based on all outstanding loans in any security at the close of the US markets. However, we always strive to be better.

We can now bring you Securities Lending Data throughout the day – As soon as stocks in a company are borrowed, or stocks are returned, we know about it. We publish this data throughout the day and display it in the new “Live Short Interest” box.


Live Short Interest


In addition to the stock lending data, we also calculate the estimated Short Interest based on these numbers. We can therefore provide you with a live view of how the Short Interest changes throughout the day, both as a percentage of free float and as number of shares shorted. You can also see the details in how many shares have been borrowed today and how many shares have been returned. Moreover, we also show the minimum and maximum Cost To Borrow (CTB) agreed on any loan that day, as well as the average Cost To Borrow agreed on all loans that day.


You can read more about our short interest data here – An introduction to ORTEX Short Interest Data










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