New ORTEX Interface & App

The ORTEX App is now released, and to celebrate, we are offering a week’s free trial – Download and start a subscription now to check out all the new data we have added.

Download the app now from your app store.




We have also updated the look and feel of the ORTEX Platform and added some new data sets. You can check it out here at, or continue to read below about some of the data we have added.


Trading Signals – Now Intraday

We’ve made significant improvements to our Trading Signals. They now offer intraday and live trading opportunities, providing you with a list of signals that may reach interesting price points during the day, allowing you to prepare for trades. For each signal in play, ORTEX provides essential information:

  • Start date of the signal.
  • Type of signal (e.g., EPS divergence or Mean reversion).
  • Buy or sell signal.
  • Signal description.
  • Significance score (0-5 stars, with 100 or 5 stars being the highest).
  • Trigger price.
  • Expected signal close time.
  • Market cap of the stock.
  • Average historical return for the specific signal within the stock.
  • Current price.
  • Current P&L.
  • Position days (days the signal has been active).
  • Target price.
  • Stop loss levels.
  • Average daily volume in US dollars.

ORTEX also displays signals close to the trigger level but not yet triggered, allowing users to position themselves early. For these signals, ORTEX provides information, including the trigger price and the current price’s proximity to the trigger price.


Market Sentiment

While focusing on specific stocks is essential, understanding overall market movements is vital. ORTEX Market Sentiment offers insights into market movements across key metrics for your chosen market. It covers short interest, options, performance, and more. For example, short interest sentiment provides the average short interest level across all companies in your selected index over your chosen timeframe. It’s a quick way to assess bearish betting trends across an index and compare short interest in your favorite stocks to the index.


Money Flow

Understanding money flow sentiment is crucial for a broader investment perspective. ORTEX Money Flow aggregates fund and ETF flows, helping users understand momentum and sentiment around asset classes, regions, sectors, investment styles, and strategies gaining or losing popularity.


Sector Scores

ORTEX Sector Scores expand on our stock scores by analyzing each sector’s components. They show how well a sector performs compared to its historical performance. Dive into a sector to view its score and detailed information on industry groups, industries, sub-sectors, and individual stocks within that sector.


US Government Trades

ORTEX provides access to real-time data on politician trading activity. Bridge the information gap with our comprehensive dataset, allowing investors to monitor US politician stock market actions. Users can search for traded stocks or trades filed by specific government officials. Filters include transaction/report date ranges, trade dollar values, transaction types, and the officials’ party, chamber, or committee affiliations.


Stock Movers

Stock Movers in ORTEX help users quickly spot significant share price movements within their selected universe. To enhance this dataset, ORTEX includes crucial news related to each stock’s movement, providing insights into the reasons behind stock fluctuations. Users can click on news items to read the entire articles.