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Trading Signals

Every day ORTEX identifies alpha-generating opportunities. The alpha trading signal will tell you how much return has historically been made as well as the optimal holding period and relative success of this signal in the past.

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Stock stamps

Intuitive boxes that summarise each data set at a glance for your stocks and highlight interesting developments and changes. Saves you hours of searching. ORTEX Stock Stamps are an intuitive overview of many different data sets so users can easily scan and identify anything interesting happening in their stocks. ORTEX Stock Stamps highlight a data box with significant events or changes worth exploring. The stocks with the most highlighted boxes default to the top. This allows you to glance across many data sets such as price, volume, EPS divergence, events, news, shorts, valuation, insiders, analyst changes and more effortlessly without missing anything.

Unique Analysis

Gain competitive advantage:

  • Who are the best institutional analysts?
  • What are they doing?
  • Who are the most accurate and influential company insiders?
  • What stocks are most closely correlated with each other?
  • What commodities & FX are most correlated with my stocks?
  • How do my stocks typically trade around specific corporate events?


ORTEX offers you flexible screening on vast unique data sets to help you find opportunities. Data is now also all downloadable.


Join now for $79/month or $49/month annually. No additional costs and access the following on over 50,000 global stocks.

  • Live short-interest and securities-lending data
  • Global equity analyst estimates and unique rankings
  • NYSE and NASDAQ short interest
  • Alpha trading signals
  • Real-time global stock and ETF prices, market depth & volume
  • Screening on vast unique data sets - all downloadable
  • Real-time global indexes, currencies & commodities
  • Correlation on commodities, currencies and peers
  • Valuation, technical, yield analysis
  • Real-time news
  • Insider transactions data and analysis
  • Detailed analysis of corporate and macro events
  • Comprehensive fundamental data
  • Flexible charting on vast data sets
  • EPS momentum and divergence
  • Stock stamps highlight interesting changes
  • Index rebalance data
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