Stock Stamp Trading Signals

Every day ORTEX identifies alpha-generating opportunities. These are identified through rigorous analysis and validated through back-testing. The Alpha trading signal will tell you how much return has historically been made and the optimal holding period and relative success of this signal in the past. ORTEX back-test data sets in infinite combinations and bring you the highest-ranked signals across over 50,000 stocks every day. These signals are the ones that are most likely to happen again and produce the highest return in the shortest time. ORTEX Alpha signals are EPS divergence signals (EPS), P/E signals (P/E), short interest signals (Short Increase), RSI, STOCHASTIC (STOCH), MACD and ORTEX technical, (ORTEX, which is a combination of the various Technical signals that have provided strong historical returns).

This box shows the signal type, direction, the date it triggered, the historical mean return and the strength of signal. Strength of Signal is a score out of 100, displayed as 0-5 stars, with 100 or 5 stars being the highest. The signals are rated based on the largest return over the shortest time combined with the frequency and success of previous signals.