Stock/Currency correlation

This box highlights the largest currency pair moves.  For each currency pair move, if a stock in your universe is closely correlated to the currency pair, it will be listed alongside the overall level of sensitivity.

Last trading day The last closing price of the currency pair.

1 week The aggregated currency pair move over last 5 trading days.

Sensitivity   This is a score between -100 to +100 for the level of correlation between the currency pair and the stock, where 100 is exact correlation, -100 is exact inverse correlation and 0 is no correlation.

Effect score This shows you the impact that the currency pair has had on the stock based on the significance of the correlation. So a strong downward move in a currency pair highly correlated to a stock, would cause a high negative effect score.  The effect score is therefore the currency pair move over last 5 days * significance of correlation / normaliser to make it relative to the other stocks in the universe.

Chart Click on the chart icon to see a chart of the selected Stock versus currency pair.