Commodities and stock correlation

This page shows you the stocks in your selected universe that are closely correlated to a commodity. The list is ordered by the biggest commodity movers. The column next to the commodity has all the stocks in your universe that have a significant correlation to the commodity.

Last trading day The last closing price of the commodity

1 week The aggregated commodity move over last 5 days

Sensitivity   This is a score between -100 to +100 for the level of correlation between the commodity and the stock, where 100 is exact correlation, -100 is exact inverse correlation and 0 is no correlation.

Effect score This shows you the impact that the commodity move has had on the stock based on the significance of the correlation. So a strong downward move in a commodity highly correlated to a stock, would cause a high negative effect score.  The effect score is therefore the commodity move over last 5 days * significance of correlation / normaliser to make it relative to the other stocks in the universe.

Chart Click on the icon to see a chart of the selected Stock versus commodity.