Short Interest – Live Updates

The Live Short interest box provides you with updates throughout the day based on the latest lending data. The numbers are reset at 6 am ET, and new numbers start coming in after 7 am ET.

Short Interest - Live Updates

Estimated Short Interest Change
This is the estimated percentage change in the number of shares being shorted since the previous trading day’s close.

Estimated Current SI % of FF
The current estimate of Short Interest as a percentage of free float, taking account for intraday data.

Estimated Current SI
The current estimate of Short Interest, taking account for intraday data.

Returned Shares
The number of shares that have been returned today.

Borrowed Shares
The number of new shares that have been borrowed today.

Borrowed Change
The change in borrowing today, borrowed shares – returned shares.

The lowest cost to borrow agreed on any loan today.

The average cost to borrow agreed on all loans today.

The highest cost to borrow agreed on any loan today.

On trading days, this data is updated from 7am ET, before the markets open, and continues to be updated until 5am ET the following day. Stock Lending is not restricted to market trading times and may take place in a different timezone than the primary listing of the company. It is quite normal that some transactions are booked and may be cancelled or closed unfulfilled later in the day, or overnight. All changes will be consolidated in the end-of-day data that is released before the US markets open every morning. This end-of-day data will also contain information from some securities lenders that do not report data live throughout the day.