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  • Live Short Interest and Securities Lending data
  • Global equity analyst estimates and unique rankings
  • NYSE and NASDAQ Short Interest
  • Alpha Trading Signals
  • Real-time global stock and ETF prices, market depth & volume
  • Screening on vast unique data sets
  • Real-time Global indexes, currencies & commodities
  • Correlation on commodities, currencies and peers
  • Valuation, Technical, Yield analysis
  • Real-time news
  • Insider transactions data and analysis
  • Detailed Corporate and Macro Events details and analysis
  • Comprehensive Fundamental data
  • Flexible charting on vast data sets
  • EPS momentum and divergence

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    Awarded Best Equity Analytics Platform at the 2020 London Trader Show

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    ORTEX provides a vast, unique array of relevant data sets so you can understand the many moving parts which may affect your stocks. We select only best in class data providers and rigorously scrutinise each data set to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

    Identify what’s happening

    ORTEX allows you to create your universe, whether you desire a global, a regional, sector, or portfolio view. These perspectives enable you to track all the moving parts of your stocks easily, so you can identify changes in market conditions and better understand how this affects the stocks which you are interested in.

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    ORTEX highlights the major index, sector, stock, peer, currency and commodity moves as well as identifying, the most dynamically correlated stocks to a particular peer, currency or commodity, enabling you to identify opportunities and evaluate potential impact. ORTEX also highlights all analyst upgrades and downgrades for your selected universe, all important insider filings, all important holdings changes, underlying holdings impacts and major macro due. Putting all this information intuitively in one place for your selected universe and added to this, the ability to analyse the impact/importance and relevance is hugely valuable.


    What’s happening in my stock provides an overview and analysis of all the moving parts of a stock; Valuation, EPS momentum, Analysts view, Insider activity, Yield, Peer performance, News, Events, Macro exposure, Holdings changes and underlying divergence, Shorts, Commodity exposure and Currency exposure. Identify what’s happening and understand the impact.


    ORTEX delivers insightful and original analysis, from ranking Analysts and Insider transactions to ground-breaking Alpha signals.

    ORTEX have carried out years of investigation into statistically significant relationships between our diverse data sets so we can provide informative analysis on how moving parts such as currencies, commodities, relevant peers and many more, can affect your stocks.

    We rank analysts and insider transactions so that you can rapidly understand and evaluate the likely importance of a particular analysts view, or the significance of an insider trade.

    ORTEX rigorously analyses multiple global data sets allowing you to identify changing market conditions and resultant investment opportunities.


    Every day ORTEX identifies alpha generating opportunities. These are identified through rigorous analysis and validated through back-testing. ORTEX have created truly original signals using data sets such as unique technical indicators, EPS divergence, analysts views, valuation, yield, short interest, holdings flags, commodity/peer/currency divergence and others. These are tested in infinite combinations to bring you high-quality Alpha ideas.


    ORTEX offers you flexible screening on vast and unique data sets to help you find opportunities.

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